Written by Industry on June 12, 2015 in News

As a Canadian delegate, Oszvald Glöckler, CEO of SunPort, attended the 25th Meeting of the IAEA Technical Working Group on Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation and Control (TWG-NPPIC) that was held on May 27-29, 2015, at the IAEA’s Headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • To provide a forum for the Member States to report on country activities, to discuss current issues, commonly encountered difficulties, and to share best practices or strategies used in the design and implementation of NPP I&C systems;
  • To report on and to evaluate recent and on-going IAEA I&C activities (2013-2015);
  • To discuss needs of Member States in I&C research, development, and applications;
  • To provide advice and support to IAEA program planning and implementation (participating/hosting meetings) in the areas of instrumentation and control (I&C) and human system interface (HSI) in nuclear power plants;
  • To establish and improve communication channels among national representatives and the IAEA.

For more details, please visit https://www.iaea.org/NuclearPower/Meetings/2015/2015-05-27-05-29-NPTDS.html